have you been on the MoneySavingExpert website? It's a mess because it has too many sub-forums! Take a look, even I can't get my head around it.

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I'm not saying there should be loads of sub forums, just that if the deals and vouchers are split on the main section of the site, why not the forums too?

I think it should be left as it is.

I for one love it

Whilst it appears to be a good idea in theory, I agree with duckmagicuk2 and folkstonelisa. Looking at many other forums, not all money saving or to do with deals, but forums in general. They get very messy and people just don't notice some things that could benefit them. With mixed offers on the same page, percentages off or money off vouchers or good deals, the element of surprise is nice too and you can choose whether to look at them or not. On the other hand, as you say, there is a voucher section off the forum. So if you want to look at all voucher posts, you can visit there. I think the balance is right at the moment. The front page section [I think that's the bit you mean?] is okay there, mainly because not everyone wants to look in the forum and as I understand it, there are many members who've not looked beyond the front page, they only visit there [I think].

Just my thoughts


My theory...for what it's worth..

The front page is the easy access area of the site. It is where the best of the best are displayed and provides a quick overview of the hottest deals. Most vouchers aren't displayed there unless they are substantial or offer particularly good savings. The vouchers go straight to the voucher board and can also be seen when sorting by merchant off the left hand menu.

The forum is for more serious hot deal hunters. It's where you go to find the newest deals and a wider variety. It's a bit of a testing ground to, where someone posts a mediocre deal perhaps others will correct it and add a better post etc. It's the interactive area as well as a filtering area. All new vouchers that are posted appear here also. The Hot Deals forum contains everything that is happening dealwise on the site and you won't miss anything if you follow it.

I think it's important to have vouchers in the HD forum as they can often be used to find good deals and as they come through you can file it away in the back of your head. You know what's new and what's happening just be reading the thread titles.

I guess that's my theory on what works best to find good deals. I could be wrong and it could just be my preference but it's how I see it set up into the near future.

Thanks for bouncing the ideas around though guys! It's definitely important to get feedback and think about the way things are set up
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