thanks, just re installed and it's working fine after months of not being able to give heat etc.

The point is you shouldn't​ have to. It's been happening for months and needs to be fixed

Sadly the HUKD development team seem obsessed with "improving " ? the current offering rather than fixing the many bugs apparent to all . But its HUKD's ball - They can do with it what they will

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Its not a one off circumstance. You will need to keep doing it regularly.

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every update I've had to do it. I agree, we shouldn't have to, but until they fix the issue, it makes perfect sense. Apart from this, the app is pretty flawless for me.

you just need to log out & back in, then it will work again...

Yes, the app is terrible and broken. Almost unusable. Wish they didn't mess with it so much adding pointless duplication such as the highlights where half the deals are expressly.
Just running a once great site into the ground.


I saw this yesterday.
it's absolutely appalling for 2017

what do the mod do in office? it looks like one man job



you just need to log out & back in, then it will work again...

​no, even if you are not a member it still does it.


Thanks for this. There is another thread currently in feedback with a pinned comment for members to provide direct feedback to the app team if they wish.

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