thats good to know

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well i was asking a question hence the ? mark but might guess on this site i would get a reply like yours thanks for your input though

Go to your profile, then the for sale/trade tab, then the threads you have posted in will be listed, with the option 'leave feedback'......unless they've changed it again lol

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i went to my profile but i cant see the for sale/trade tab (thanks for answering mattdawes699)


skiboy was it your thread or one you posted in? has it been expired


ignore that, when you click on profile, top right hand corner then you should see a row of tabs, including the fs tab

these are the tabs you should see * activity * for sale/trade * feedback * Settings * private messages

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sassie, just looked again, there are no tabs at all ? i dont get it why havent i got any tabs lol


then i dont know why? have reported the thread for a mod response


Could you open your profile first - you have 2 link options to do this :

click on your avatar :

or link top right in green banner

then click the fs/t tab and you should hopefully see grey 'leave feedback' buttons - top section is threads you started, bottom section is other members threads you have posted in:

If you can't see relevant feedback can you report the thread and we'll check further as there have been other issues with missing feedback links, thanks.

(* apologies but I've had to post clickable image links rather than actual images as there's currently a temporary sizing issue with displayed images)

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sigma he is saying he has no tabs

pic of tabs on profile, sorry as sigma says pics not working

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this bloody site

pic here


Okay apologies for this skiboy. This is how the normal member view of your profile should display the tabs (you would have grey leave feedback buttons displayed as well) - I'm currently using firefox.


Could you upload a screen print of your profile view and let us know which browser and operating system you use, thanks again for your patience


http://www.hotukdeals.com/profile/skiboyusing internet explorer not sure … http://www.hotukdeals.com/profile/skiboyusing internet explorer not sure if this will work the link i have given.

I think sigma was requesting an image ("screen capture") of the screen as you see it (like that shown in the comment above) rather just a link to your profile page.

Also, do you know which version of Microsoft Internet Explorer you are using, and which operating system is running on your machine?



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