They filters are not automatic - they are linked to whatever the OP selected it as.

With the forum changeover, I know a few items were put into the wrong category as well, so maybe that explains it.

If you feel that a deal has been mis-placed or has any other problems e.g. link problems then post in the comments for that deal where a mod can pick it up, or PM a mod, and we'll correct it if we feel it's necessary. Unfortunately that's one of the disadvantages of the new system, but I don't think it's too much of a problem.

Some of the old forum posts have set themselves into the wrong places or retailers.

Eventually, they'll all be in the right categories.

Sometimes posters see a deal as an electrical, some would see a DVD player as entertainment. Similar to washing machines, they're electricals to me, but could come under Home and Garden. It's best to look around a bit.

There's also a new feature: Tags

If tags are used, say there's a DVD tag at the bottom of the deal. Click on that to find all related DVD posts. That only works if people add tags to the original post or they can be added by others afterwards.

Yeah, so add any tags you think are relevant to the posts!! :thumbsup:

Yeah Tag! You're it :roll:
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