Happens to me from time to time and a restart of firefox usually works... not sure if that will work for you too though.

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Thanks for that Em, but i have restarted many times now, to avoid having to restore pc, but that was my last resort.....oh well, not to worry

Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated

Or find and delete this cookie 'bbthread_lastview' which might be the cause.

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Again, thanks for the reply Ray

I've cleared that, and now ALL of my cookies since getting rid of that alone didn't help, it has done before, i remember Paul mentioning it when we get access issues.

Anyways, marked all as read, cleared the bbthread one, removed all cookies, closed down, cleared browsing history, re-opened and repeated this process 3 times

Seems that i always get posts from 21:41 onwards as being new posts.

This is so odd.....

Thanks again for the reply

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Hmmm, this morning, all seems fine again :?
I've done nothing over night with it, just left it on whilst is recorded the nfl for me and it's fine now, marking stuff as read, and when i re-open showing only new posts in bold as before.

I'm still on mind and don't wanna go to :thinking:

Anyways, thanks again to you both, much appreciated :-D
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