I agree. It would benefit us to be able to filter certain things like "Import duty possible" and even "Chinese seller".
Edited by: "rev6" 1st May
Thanks for your feedback @The_Hoff Small point, experts aren't "staff" I just wanted to clear that up in case anyone read it and believed that to be the case.

We (Pepper) are giving some thought to the exact issues you've raised here. There is no quick fix though and certainly not one which covers every eventuality but as i've said, it is something which is being considered. For now though we (moderators/editors etc) need to make sure the "Shipping from" field is completed so this is clear in the deal.
It is daft, considering every Amazon post under £20 gets edited to show "Without Prime" prime. I had a reply before which said "That information would be with the merchant offering the item.". If that is the case you can post every deal from the UK without VAT since "That information would be with the merchant".
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