Great idea duckmagicuk2 love it

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Hi. I've not had any feedback yet for this. I want to start compiling it after the Simpsons on C4 (so you need to send me any suggestions by 6:30pm!!)

Aw, that is a good idea! I'm afraid I haven't been a good enough forummer to nominate anything... perhaps you should give us a head start on next week. It'll give people a chance to think of it while they browse.

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Hi everyone!! NOW is the time to get your suggestions in for the next newsletter. So get browsing through the threads from the past week and find your favourites!!


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Once again I've had NO suggestions!! I'm presuming that because it's Friday 13th all of your PC's have broken down and you can't send me suggestions.

PM me some!!

I'll give you until 6:30, or maybe 7pm. I want it online by 8pm or 9pm at the latest!!

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Hi. I got some suggestions from Rayman. That's it. I might wait until the end of this week for the current newsletter - it's a bit late now (I couldn't be bothered either, he he). I'll include last week's stuff in the next one.

Does anyone actually find it USEFUL, or not?? And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send in your suggestions!!

Also, if you want to send a small article then feel free to do so. I'll choose if it's suitable (or if it fits-in) at my own descretion).

Thanks, duckmagicuk2

Its a kinda magic magic duckmagic magic.

Well I'm bumping this thread up as its now been over a year and quite frankly duckmagics right, there was a distinct lack of enthusiasm over this the last time round.

Come on everyone, lets all make some effort and put forward some ideas for a newsletter.

I'll start you all off:

Best deal of the month - A deal that everyone could have taken up, not a misprice or a temporary offer but one that was at least available for 3-4 days and is preferably still available.

Karma Awards - Gold, Silver and Bronze for those 3 people who gained the most Karma over the month.

Welcome to the newbies - A list of those members that have joined over the month.

Tip of the month 'Did you know' - A money saving tip of the month that perhaps not every member will be aware of. Eg. using quidco. A good place to communicate changes that Admin want people to see.

Competition - A regular competition with the winners published in the newsletter- it will kinda make people interested in reading it.

Best Joke Submitted

Worst Joke Submitted

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Congratulations on the categories.


Congratulations on the categories.

i agree!

Seems a good idea, but are you going to do it?

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Yep, we are going to do it!! Well, we'll at least do a few to see what people think of it. Us mods are already discussing who's doing what, so you could see the first issue within the next week or so.

Ideas are appreciated!!

Dyson thread has gotta get a mention! Just glad I only reserved one lol

this sounds like a really good idea!!

but looking at the date (may 2005) seems like its been in the pipe line for along time

im looking forward to the first issue of HUKD Weekly

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this sounds like a really good idea!!but looking at the date (may 2005) … this sounds like a really good idea!!but looking at the date (may 2005) seems like its been in the pipe line for along timeim looking forward to the first issue of HUKD Weekly

It's not really been in the pipeline for a long time.

What happened was I felt like doing an issue one day, so I did. And then for some reason there were no more:


And over the last couple of days we've decided it's a good idea. It's all uiaman's fault:


'In the red corning, weighing in at 2lbs, Duckmagic, and the Blue corner, weighing in at 200lbs Uiaman'

HotUkDealsators Ready?????!!!!!

Yep blame me, I'm the firestarter, I'm the beitch you hated he he

Come on guys wheres your ideas????
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