You mean a breadcrumb trail at the bottom?

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that would be very useful... for me...

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so the silence is a NO

hehe no not necessarily. This would be easy to do. Tell you what, if we get one more person say it would be useful then I will add it in

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OK people... post here

I think it would be useful :thumbsup:

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thanks dino... anyone else thinks the above?

Me too, I end up at the bottom of the page usually, as I guess everyone does.

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excellent duck
thanks for the support

Yeah I agree, that would be useful

I agree also - I just realised it hit the home button on my keyboard all of the time to get back to the top of the page. This would be handy.

I'm going to start a thread opposing the breadcrumb trail...

Only joking steff I think it could be useful :thumbsup:

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I think it would be useful too - sorry for giving you more work admin!

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so Admin... any news?

Yeah I'll put it in I actually went to do this a week ago and then it was a little more complicated than I thought so it was put on hold for a bit until I have more time. Keep bugging me
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