It does make a difference when giving a temperature rating, but it also goes by how many reads a post receives. So there are some other factors involved in deciding which position a deal shows at on the front page.

You can filter by Newest, Temperature or Price using the left hand drop down menu there.

Also, they are in chronological order of the first post date.

When a post in made in the forum, when it gets above a certain temp, it goes FP. Subsequent posts made after that, when they also get above a certain temp, they get put on next. I think it needs to be like that, or else a post which received a really high score would sit at the top for months and months, until another one came along to replace it, with a higher score. This way, users clicking onto the FP can see the recent deals that receive good reports.

But as Ray says, the filter is handy too.

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What you say makes sense, thanks for the explanation guys :thumbsup:.


ps - my next post will be my 100th!!! - into treble figures
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