Agreed, whilst I think it's appropriate that the members should keep in touch re progress reports, it's shouldn't be to the detriment of other threads.

I'll see if we can turnaround the habit that is forming, despite it being done with the best of intentions in most cases.

I believe that things like "payment sent" should be allowed for future reference, eg. something goes wrong with the buyer / seller.

maybe the habit of seperate seemingly unlimited listings for individual items could also be turned around.


if members could be encouraged to edit last posts for these sorts of updates, that would be good, as in the thread ASB has linked, the seller was the last post, so could have edited last post to say posted, i think this is what should be encouraged

I pretty much always do it, mostly as a formal on-thread acknowledgment of that part of the transaction being complete. However, I agree that there's no good reason for not just editing it into your post where you've agreed to move to PM, for instance. I'll start doing that in future, as I can see how it would be a pain if everyone started doing it.
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I pretty much always do it, mostly as a formal on-thread acknowledgment … I pretty much always do it, mostly as a formal on-thread acknowledgment of that part of the transaction being complete.

I do it as we are encourage not to trade via pm. If item has been posted I would say so in thread where it is in the public domain. Are the rules changing?

Agreed - once you have posted "taken to pm" then you should be encouraged to edit the post rather than submit a new one each time for "payment received" and "item received" etc etc

How about a "SOLD" and a "SOLD PENDING PAYMENT" tag, and the ability to filter by these tags?

In threads where there is just a single item being sold & a single buyer exchanging comments then editing the most recent comment is ideal (although the information can still be missed if the seller does not return to the thread as no e-mail notification has been received to inform additional information has been relayed). I have found that some sellers do not review their threads without notification of updates & it is easy for a thread to not be visited for a week at a time (as I found recently in a thread I was contributing to).

In the past I have taken to posting additional comments for the reason that Johnboy_1975 suggested; so that there is an audit trail of payment progress outside of Private Messages (that can easily be deleted & are not stored for later retrieval in the event of deletion, as far as I am aware).

However, in threads that contain multiple items for sale/trade, with multiple conversations between the seller & various buyers, the information can quite easily be lost if it is not in a separately posted comment.

I agree that it may be deemed as unfair to other members if their threads are knocked downwards from the first page, but there is always the provided links to advance to other pages to assist here.

Another forum I visit has a different set of rules; they allow one thread “bump” every 12 hours (with no maximum imposed), & comments in each thread with regards payment/posting are seen negatively & are removed. All correspondence from the point of the agreement of the sale is to remain in the Private Message system.

There are obviously many ways to attack this issue, but Johnboy_1975’s suggestion about the ability to set a status on each thread to indicate their individual progress is one approach (that I favour) but it leads to many more concerns; the seller would have to be restricted to listing one item per thread, for instance, or would need the ability to maintain a list of buyers & be able to change these as the thread progressed in case any sale did not complete.



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Once a deal has been struck in the thread the rest is up to the individuals to deal via pm,nothing else is necessary...posting and such updates are a private matter and should be added to the thread.

I can see the point in banning unnecassary chat but to now start infracting users who are updating the status of the transaction on their thread is a step to far. Not only does it show other members /mods what type of buyer/seller they are but provides a public record of the transaction should something go wrong.

The bump rules on here are already a minefield and adding yet another debatable rule or "guideline" would just add to the confusion and would punish decent buyers and sellers who just happen to update their thread with how the transaction is going.

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Nothing in there that shouldn't have been pm or feedback....am sure there are many more around but just spotted this one

Not saying infract them but discourage the process as much as possible

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PS, Related information to what?



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