I also think this would be a good idea, pity hukd is too busy putting up stupid blogs, instead of sorting out the search feature!!!
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If you are looking for a particular game, you would be better off trying a dedicated gaming search like gamestracker in the 1st instance.

Also, if you were looking for a particular game on HUKD, the title would 99% of the time have the format in the title.


just put +PS3 in the search box!

why are there no C64 options? or Oric etc....

Not sure how useful this suggestion would be.
A lot of deal posters only bother checking for the single format they own (which i'm sometimes guilty of myself) so many format specific searches would miss out on good deals.
There's usually a discussion in the thread of whether it's available for the other format too, etc...

You also have to bare in mind it took at least 1-2 years since i suggested a Gaming category for it to be implemented... (maybe someone else suggested it before me, too)
Plus i'm pretty sure this would be much more difficult to implement in this forum software than the new "gaming" category was...
I just don't see this happening.

Would be great if the search would be improved though...

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