Because this needed its own thread.

i'm finding the new site layout a bit poo.
Never mind the endless too many connections error.

Long time visitor, first post :thumbsup:

I like the fact we've gone more Web 2.0, the current site is not better than the original. However with more and more updates to this new system to make it perfect, it will eventually improve over the original.

For example, yesterday I was shocked about the lack of picture previews, within a day, they're back.

The only thing I now dislike is the header. The green is a disgusting shade, the logo maybe too small and the slogan a bit naff.

Regardless, this new system Is alot better, and as long as work is put into it, which I am sure the Admin will do, it will be great.

Merry Christmas :santa:

cant stand the new site myself, think its orrible, but no point in complaining as they wont do anything and just ignores your views, basically they sayin if you dont like, then get stuffed:w00t:

I preferred the old site, but it seems to be running better today. I am sure we will all get used to it and that it will carry on improving. Go with the flow.

Get over it? Are you saying people can't have their own thoughts on the new site?
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