iv asked this aswell, we want the new site !!


boys boys boys

your all so impatient!


It it getting a whole new skin?

Nope. Nothing cosmetic, just a few functionality changes.

Paul never did set a date. He said that it might be ready around "the end of May" so we'll just have to wait and see. His last update took a little longer than expected too.

Better to take time over these things though. The last thing you want as users is a lot of botched features which don't work properly or loads of down time because Admin's not exactly sure how to set it all up properly when it's ready!!

I hope it's more than just a few changes, I have seen this update-that-will-solve-every-problem-ever-mentioned-here mentioned about 10 times a week since the day I joined!

That must be a bit excessive. There was a MASSIVE site update back in July 2006, not long before you joined.

Before that site update we used different forum software and also only mods could post to the front page. All of the filters, the voting, the deal posting, the lot, came in then. Basically EVERYTHING but cosmetic changes!! lol.

From what I gather this will be a smaller update, but will probably be improvements on the systems that were implemented last year with any other ideas which may have been worked on. There will also be a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff which you probably won't notice at first...

I don't really know. My guess isn't *much* better than yours.

Just a little bit.

EDIT: Admin's already said that he'll let you all know when a BETA is ready. It'll probably be posted in Comments and Suggestions rather than on the home page so that the regular forum peeps can have a play.

How long does Beta take to get ready? i can get dressed in 5 minutes....

Boom boom !! :whistling: :giggle:

It's being worked on. Don't expect it to solve all the issues that are on the schedule in one go though - there are priorities and the first is how the site works and navigation - after that we'll keep working through the list.

very subtle title of this thread tho, dont you think Paul

:whistling: :giggle:
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