not that I have voted on anything today but you have to accept differences of opinion, if they were to add a reason needed prompt I think it would cause a decline in the deal rating altogether.

There was a thread started on this a day ago... you wouldn't mind continuing there??


post a deal that u think will benefit others, because you're a person who shares and has benefited from others sharing ... not because of those who vote it cold.

i know it's upsetting (i almost stopped posting deals mainly coz someone always beats me to it, but also at the beginning i didnt understand that u check for double posting a deal - of course it doesnt help when people cant spell!) but look at it in the long run. the ones who just take take take are not going to stick around for long.

there is a point though if it is voted cold people should give a reason so that the OP learns what was wrong with it and can rectify. it can only make the forum better .. no? i dont think it shd be compulsory though - as jocksteeluk says. too much of a Big Bro nation also it is a matter of opinions ...

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