I haven't ever noticed that problem on my end, maybe some other members have feedback?

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I haven't had that problem before, but i use firefox.

Welcome to HUKD by the way!

Welcome to HotUKDeals from me too

IE7 seems okay from here choosing any option to open in new tab or browser.

I had the same problem for a while but whilst using any site and then discovered that 'epson-web-to-print' program was causing it. If you haven't got an epson printer then it won't be that but you never know.

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I have just opened the lenor site in Firefox and it seems to work!

Mmmmm..I have just bought a new Epson Printer (always had canon)...how can that affect opening a web site?

I noticed that a toolbar had come onto the IE browser though, so maybe if I disable the toolbar will that work?

Yes, that's it. Go to Add/Remove programs and delete the Web to Print application as it causes stabillity problems in IE7 (Don't know why though!). But on the bright side, it's not worth having on.

What did you buy? I recently upgraded my R300 for the R360 (Great printer!)

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OK..Thanks for that tip I have removed the Web to Print program.

I got the Epson Stylus DX6000......they had a trade in deal on the epson site on 3 models...up to £100 off!

I managed to get a £30 trade in and a set of ink thrown in.

The trade in was more for an Epson printer, and more if it was in warranty, but unfortunately mine was just out of warranty, being 3 years and a bit old!

Think I spotted the deal on here originally, and managed to find a local epson dealer too.

Not having a problem on IE7 on laptop, however having problem with opening a new window from any site on other computer (Dont use it that often so wasnt bothered) I have an epson printer and will be checking if that is the problem

Thanks, your thread helped me


Welcome to the forums from me too DSB, glad you manged to get it sorted

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Dont seem to be having the problem now that toolbar has gone!

Thanks Syzable

No problem, i had the problem for a few days until i looked in the event log and saw what the problem was. Not easy to hold back the swearing every time it did it with a 2 year old about.
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