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[COLOR="Purple"]Gold stars are basically just under the review merchants link:[/COLOR]



[COLOR="Purple"]Unauthorised link which takes the user to those merchants:[/COLOR]


would this iliminate ppl voteing cold because

they do not like the poster
they do not understand the deal
they do not need that product
they do not have that store near them
they enjoy voteing cold
they r scunners who have no taste
they never buy anything other that at pound land


most 'hot' deals are limited or short run and expire before people can review them -
or do you mean links to reviews on other sites?
and there are usually posters that link to reviews on other sites for products when things heat up anyway?

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I'm thinking that the percentage cold/heat is what the gold stars are doing anyway to be honest.

The unauthorised merchant one could be added tho

Are you saying gold stars for the product or for the merchant?

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I'm thinking maybe with the product, this could possibly be tied in with the actual reviews given by people.
Anyone can click HOT/COLD when looking at all the deals, sometimes people just click HOT just for the hell of it and the deal isn't that good
At least with the gold stars this would allow the users to know at least someone has spent time writing a review and given it a gold mark. The more better reviews the product gets the more gold stars is visible (1-5 gold stars on show - half stars are used also)

Also maybe the gold stars could be implemented for the actual merchant as well, clicking on the merchants name will give a rating

I think it's a bit over the top for the product as there's simply to large a variety of products for that.


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I think it will work
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