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a good one at that! maybe we should have such a sticky thread

admin may have replied to a thread somewhere before...

Something along the lines of the fact that there are whole sites dedicated to this kind of thing, such as ciao reviews. It's too big a job for our wee forum!

The only problem is it's hard to be objective. I get pm's and email all the time from members saying x store ripped me off you should ban any more deals from them. The thing is that often this isn't a little unknown store but stores like Currys or Play.com etc. Often people have a bad experience and then would post something really nasty but it is not always an accurate reflection of what that merchant is like. Also, it is generally the rule that people will more readily post bad things than good things about a merchant. I refer to tripadvisor.com sometimes when looking for a hotel and I've found it pretty much useless as opinions swing from horrible to fantastic on the same place.

I think one of the things we can do is talk about a way to make a better system but also to post in threads or pm a mod where you know a merchant is dodgy. We regularly pull threads where we suspect a merchant of being dodgy or self-promoting but we can also use member help here (and don't forget the Spam button).

Edit: And yes as Emma says there are already a ton of sites out there that do the plain old review thing much more comprehensively than we could probably do.

Thanks for the more comprehensive reply admin

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Thanks for the reply folks - Understand - and keep up the great work on an excellent site:-D

yeh thats fair....


LMAO .. your avator is freaking me out garryjb :giggle:

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LMAO .. your avator is freaking me out garryjb

[SIZE=2]What are you trying to say....OK i didnt go the dentist as much as i should`ve, i have too many late nights and i like to tie my hair up![/SIZE]
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:giggle: I know gary ... just remember its whats on the inside that counts ....
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