Hi Chris,
I've never seen a 'gripe and moan' section on HDUK.

If you mean the Karma thingy that has been changed to 'Add to ###### reputation. There is a little icon thingy below your name. It's the middle icon on everybody's post but the one on the right of your posts.

No, there hasn't been one on here. I did suggest one, and we also got suggestions of a help forum.

So maybe "Help and Feedback" would be a good forum??

At the moemnt anything like that goes into the Misc forum.

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Help and Feedback sounds good , I have a problem with CCL they have had my LCD TV for 2 months now waiting for parts still not recieved the parts and cant give me a projected date for completion , is there a time limit before they have to either refund or replace?
any help or suggestions ?

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