A bit of a strange one, it seems as though there are 2 distinct styles of posting from your account, with 1 style being uppercase only in certain Opening Posts. However you have responded in lowercase to some replies later.

It definitely looks multiple users on the one account (originating from your household) and you don't seem to have worried about it then.




The admin and moderator team are in the best position to help you here as they can check the ip address of each post to narrow down what's happening here.


Hey John,

Totally off the point... was wondering how you were doing with your Sony UX1XN and your HP tablet laptop?

Have you considered the ASUS 901 or the ECS G10IL..... have had my thoughts on the latter but now thinking of getting both...

Any ideas?

Heya, I'll just send you a PM.


If you want to change your username, please send an email to the "contact us" email at the bottom of the page, stating the reasons for the change.

But if you changed your password, and someone is still messing with your account, perhaps they have your email password too.


Why not change your password?

do you identity safe as maybe they dont know your HUKD pw but they do ya pw to taht


Why not change your password?

According to the initial post it has been changed already which implies whoever is using the account is using the same PC with a stored cookie.


The mods should be able to check which IP addresses have logged into your account. Unless you have a very obvious choice of password (i.e. pasword or something else really stupid) the chances are that it was another user that guessed your password. In that case the most would be able to see the culprit unless they used a proxy of course.

Another option is they have gained access to your email account and got in that way.

A quick check by the mods wil be able to tell you if the posts have originated from your ip address (i.e. it was someone on your home network) or f it was another ip address. Either way make sure you chane all your passwords and if you had any messages stored on here containing personal inormation from other members (paypal addresses, bank details, home address ect) it would be a good idea to alert those members that someone else could possily now have those details.

Original Poster

thank you everyone, i will try and change my username aswell and see what happens.

Maybe youve got a Keylogger...

Youve changed you password but someone still got on?:|

seems abit odd to me...

Scan your computer


search for

adaware and spybot search and destroy.
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