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Hey Willy,
we changed the rules a while back. Our ultimate goal is to "help people making better decisions". This could include not buying a deal (thats why we removed buying from buying decisions). We think that the best price is the basis for a purchase decision (there can be exceptions - sold out everywhereelse (the switch in christmas time), free addons or something else). In the rules we describe it as "Not the best offer available at the moment on the market when comparing like for like products. Exceptions will be made for "additional benefits" such as additional warranties etc.". Ultimately we would not like that people who buy something over hotukdeals turn around and find it cheaper somewhere else, that wouldnt be very deal like. Noone would go mad on £1, but could be £10 and so we decided to include this rule. In your case it doesnt seem so relevant, I hope you still understand the reasoning/idea behind it.

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