I would delete the app and go through a browser. Its just as easy nowadays


For all alerts, go into your settings / notifications / app notifications / tap the app / switch off or block notifications. It's in your Android settings, not in the app itself
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In hukd app - Activity - settings icon - select deal alerts - scroll down to subscribed alerts - swipe left on the alerts you want to unsubscribe. This is on my s7. Hope it helps.

I too have been getting all the black Friday notifications etc since update, I though have du manager running though that blocks it to silent ones, try that op or as above

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I've changed the notification setting via /Application Manager (there is no notifications/ app notifications), so that should do it.

I was not subscribed to any notifications in the UKHD app, so it's annoying that it should suddenly start spamming me following the recent update, and frustrating that there was actually no setting in the app to stop this.
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