which member is it? and you shouldnt have ticked the "recieve pms from administrators ONLY" btw

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emma needs to use the contact us button if she has a problem with recieving pms,which seems to be the case here

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thanks for your help. Have notified the member

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someone else has tried to contact me but saying that they can not contact me

Beneath the "Private Messaging Options" header of your Profile "Settings" page the following should be set:

[x] Enable Private Messaging <- "Check" (tick) this one
[ ] Receive pms from administrators only <- Do not "check" (tick) this one

The other two are optional:
[x] Receive email notifications of new Private Messages <- "Check" as desired
[x] Enable Like Notifications <- Ditto

I am receiving "User does not have private messaging enabled" when I try to send you a "Private Message" so I suspect you have the "Receive pms from administrators only" option checked (ticked/selected).

Presumably this issue is related to your other Feedback thread too:
[ hotukdeals.com/fee…911 ]


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