Hmm... The only times I can't connect to the site, is when the server is down [postnuke problem shows up]. I use IE + Firefox too, with a cable connection, wireless for my laptop, wired for my PC. Could it be your ISP or connection method? Dial-up or broadband?

I just remembered a time when I used to shop at a certain online food retailer. If I typed in [url]www.iceland.co.uk[/url], the connection wouldn't always work. But if I typed in iceland.co.uk/ind…tml it would. What I'm thinking is maybe you need to update your URL bookmark [maybe]. Try adding /index.php to the link. I probably have no idea what I'm talking about but it's worth a try.

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Sounds a dam good idea, have tried it and it didn’t work. The page is still trying to load as I write this email. If I already have a page open at hotukdeals then I can browz with that one all the time but if I try to open a new page, 8 out of 10 times it don’t load.

I've taken to always leaving a page open and my computer on 24/7 so I can always get on.

I have a system running sweet as pie. Am an A+ N+ MCP MCSA so I should know how to fix it but its one of those niggly things that won’t fix or go away.

It's like my Microsoft Word if I use but in character form, I have to ignore the rule in spell check and it crashes Word program.

I will persist and prevail.

Great site though!!


Do you get the same problem whether you go to [url]www.hotukdeals.com[/url] or directly to the forum [url]hotukdeals.com/PNp…tml?[/url]

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At the moment I can only say about connecting to [url]www.hotukdeals.com[/url] as I have not regulary tried the other way. I will try both ways over the next few days and let you know the outcome.


As you say we will persist and prevail

have u tried clicking on the hotuk link from google or another search engine?
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