What is the URL?

You only need to put the bit startting with http and ending with .jpeg or .gif
You dont need any [IMG] or stuff

YOu cant post a picture in the opening post maybe?

maybe it needed approving by a mod?

dont think this should be in th fs/t section. should have posted in misc


mechdroid, the image link is fine that you've just posted in this thread, it just requires MOD approval as 4lyons09 has said - MODs can view the post in this thread, but I can't find the FS/T thread you are trying to post in.

If it's not your FS/T thread then please PM me the link & I'll have a look for you now. If it's a thread you're trying to start yourself then post the thread first, then add the image link to the first post of the thread after it has been created & then PM me that link & I'll check it for you, thanks.

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