Have PM'd Admin for you, he will no doubt respond as soon as he can :wink:


Hi thelingeriestore, that's the correct process, just fill out that form and it will be put in a queue that I can view.

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Thank you! Submission has been done!

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Just wondering what the status is regarding our deal submission? Can't see it anywhere.........................

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Just wondering if there's any news on our deal submission. It's been 3 weeks and still can't see anything. :cry:

If there's any reason why our deal can't be included, please can someone let me know by PM?


I'm actually trying to keep the list of stores on the left smaller as it's getting a bit large. I don't mind though if you update that thread you made in the forum with your current deals. I'd rather you keep updating the one thread than starting new ones.


I have been reading other threads, I didn't know about the forum before, I just submit deals via the main page. I see the advantages of doing both, which I will do in the future.

Just wondering about one of the deals I posted actually, I didn't get a comment for it?

Free Satin Pyjamas from Daxon.co.uk AND £3 discount (before I got a thanks after I posted a deal up? It's no biggy)

Sorry about that!

Once you submit a deal, we do manually have to change it to fit in with the HUKD theme and insert links etc...

I did this one at 7am this morning so sorry!

I have corrected my error for you.

That's alright, its the people like you who keep the site going in the first place, I dont want you to think I was complaing. I (well im sure its 'we all') appriciate the time and effort you guys put in to keep the place running.

Just out of interest, are you 19? (says 86 on the web address, maybe stands for 8th June or 6th August... who knows...)
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