should have got a phone number as per the guidelines....

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if i had it would good would it do?

It would mean you could phone them, you've asked here if you can send a message which implies you want to get in touch with the buyer. Did you not get a phone number?


can you not contact them through ebay?

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no i read the first recomended thread on t&c of trading but there were 100s so i read the first one which didnt mention phone numbers and went from there, havent been on here long so didnt realise, any way i can find out what hes been suspended for? if its for bad language i know hes not going to con me so wont take it any further action untill he is reinstated, if its for conning people i know im bumped. thanks john. simon.

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yeh i have contacted him through ebay on the item hes selling that i sent him! he hasnt responded though....

i could report the item to ebay and the police as stolen but dont want to jump the gun incase hes genuine but wont know untill i try to speak to him. cheers owens, simon.


There was a member thread on problems in FS/FT forum. It's gone a bit off topic in later threads but you may be able to get some more advice there ?

Plus it you're concerned, use the button on bottom of page to ask advice of HUKD to see if they can let you know if member was suspended for minor infraction or something more serious which would justify you being worried.

Also possibly add to title of this thread eg Problem in FS/FT Forum , just to attract some more feedback possibly from MODs. Good luck :thumbsup:

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thanks sigma, i have contacted them so keeping my fingers crossed. thanks again.
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