Doubleclick will be to register HUKD's referral fees.

Do you have any sort of ad-blocker or anti-tracking software installed as they're usually responsible for messing with this sort of thing?

My old computer which was running 'Vista' never let me link to the Tesco's website via hukd, but i could get onto the tesco website via google.
Since upgrading to 'Windows 10' i have had no problems accessing Tesco links via hukd.
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You possibly have a doubleclick related malware; download and run a good antimalware program.

Having said that, IMO doubleclick IS malware, it causes no end of issues, so I have it blocked on my PC.

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Thanks for all comments above. I have no malware on any of my computers (6 in total) and it happens with all browsers (firefox, opera, chrome), with or without ad-blocker. I am by-passing HotUK referrals by going direct to Tesco. I thought there might be an easier way than always having to search for the item direct on the Tesco site. It looks there isn't, so HotUK is loosing out on my purchases

exact same thing here with me! end up having to just search for the product. I'm sure this only started a month or two ago... before that it was ok!
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