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Also a lot of formatting issues - it's all over the place! Doesn't seem to like FireFox either.

Right off to bed. Hopefully this has just been a bad nightmare and all will be ok in a few hours :-)

I agree, hard to find pages, text boxes too small, too much white and confusing.

Not a good move HUKD


Another grumpy old HUKDer - the new design is horrible. If it ain't broke, don''t fix it !!!!

AWFUL...please go back to old site

This is rubbish. I clicked on Text view which is supposedly meant to give you the classic view....errrr, no it doesn't. Where is the pictures for the deals as well?

I think the old site was Excellent voted HOT this new look Stone freezing Cold ...please bring back the old site .

Is I've noticed at the top of the page..........

"Hotukdeals Deal Anarchy From The masses"


I'm sure someone has worked very hard on this new look, but, not a good experience for me. :?



It's a long time since I've seen a screw up as big as this.

I can ignore the temporary problems (like not working in firefox, css issues, bits of old sit appearing)

what I can't ignore is one of the worse site designs I've ever seen.

Oh wow lets go all "Web 2.0". This isn't even that. Its the most complicated hard to use screw ups ever seen on the net.

HUKDs was brilliant because it was stupidly simple, and my whole family could use it - not just the computer geeks like me.

This is so bad, Its completely NOT an understatement to say I'm looking for a new deals site - purely because this one is now impossible to use.

Absolutely dreadful. How could anyone think this was a good idea?

Absolutely agree. Pointless corporate feel; to it now:x, too hip and commercialised to be useful. This looks like the beginning of the end of something good.

I hate the colours...the BRIGHT RED at bottom of pages is killing my eyes,with the blue it's unreadable.....please sort this out,not good to look at,looks really awful


im really really angry.... because how could anyone have thought this was a good idea? I don't want a stupid complex site.... i wanted to hit the front page and have a big list of the hottest ten or whatever it was. Not bloody custom searches everywhere and a site that clearly isnt ready, regardless of the design.

I know someone mentioned how someone obviously designed the site and liked it etc, shouldnt be nasty about it.... quite frankly if this is the best they can come up with, they shouldnt be designing at all.

yeah - i think in time people will come around to the site, but new users will be completely put off by this utterly stupid design, and slowly the site will either die or become useless.

What an absolute mess.

Off to work now, hopefully people power will bring the old site back before the days out?

I would also concur on everyones viewpoint, the simple fact that the site is not user friendly, the colours and too extreme and nowhere near friendly on the eye and the simple user navigation has dissapated into thin air,

If HUKD must have this new theme then please allow an option for users to view it in the old format at least then we can have the best of both worlds,

Us Happy that we can use the site efficiently and effectively,

You - Users have a choice in themes which many sites dont have so you will be more unique and stand from the crowd

Win/Win Id Say

c'mon HUKD please listen to the masses!

:?i dont like this new look its horrible on the eyes!!!! i dont know where i am now, gery is a nasty background

I agree this new design is rubbish. The old design was googd and simple, why did they change?

shocking tbh, far too over complicated now...not impressed

[SIZE=4]This is my view,it's killing my eyes and I have'nt a clue were this is being posted,which forum ?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]Please tell us this isnt going to stay....as it's taking me ages to get anywere at all [/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]The writing is way to small and the colour grey is horrible.....:x[/SIZE]


This dreadful! I find it hard to follow, what was wrong with the old site... half the pages are missing off the screen...

it wasn't broke so don't fix it!

Put it back PLEASE!

In addition it doesn't meet accessability guidelines! Grey background! YUK, Cream or pale yellow is the correct format!


Another disapproval here I'm afraid. This is terrible.

how do you get to the forum index?

Safari hates this layout !
Text is all over the place and spills over when changing the page size, colours are nasty . I am gutted that this is going to be the new look for " HUKD ". :x

I also have to agree, this is terrible. It takes ages to navigate now! :x

Can't work this new layout out - my eyes can hardly take it! :x


Please can we have the old site back, I can't seem to find the hot deals without going through various options. I used to have Hot deals as one of my home pages, but there doesn't seem much point having it when you can't navigate the site easily :?

Wow. Where was the "here's a preview of our new site tell us what you think" consultation period? What a huge mistake. And this isn't just a knew jerk reaction - it truly is horrible. The old site was instantly usable. The new one is a dog's dinner. Why is there no explanation of why it was changed?

Text only version is slightly better, but still nothing compared to the old version.

Now the topics aren't arranged in "last post" order as it used to be...I don't know what/how they're sorted, but it's very hard to find things around here now...

why do this now....the last week for Christmas shopping...........the timing couldn't have been worse...i am :thinking:

Another one for the "I don't Like it" camp, very hard to navigate and confusing. The old saying springs to mind - If it ain't broke


Terrible colour schemes, woeful navigation. I recommend you change it back sooner rather than later - before you lose visitors to competing sites.

I don't like change

Sorry to moan, but I agree, this new design is awful to navigate, I'm using IE so it's displaying normally, I just can't find anything! I only ever used to use the forum and voucher tab as I found the front page confusing with all of the deals listed as it changed too often!

How do I find things on this one? I'm so confused!

Also, not sure if it's a bug but my threads aren't listing in order? I've got one's from today mixed in with ones from 6 days ago and more? Any ideas?

Really dissapointed, the new site looks so cheaply made and slow. Looks like the beginning of the end for what was a fantastic and fun site.

Definitely can't have HUKD as my "Home Page" any more, who wants to see this as soon as they log on. :-(

Terrible, new is not always better.I will give it a few days to decide if I want to keep visiting here maybe they have to tweak it a bit.

this has got to be one of the worst site upgrades ever! it's a nightmare to try to find anything!

bloody eyesore, I always used the forum option to view deals, now I don't know whats what.

Always avoided using MSE because of it's layout, if Hotukdeals stays as it is, I'll need to find another website for my deals

This is really funny.

Seriously someone wants firing for this, absolute joke.

If you dont change this back then your going to kill the site.
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