The trouble is that no one ever reads sticky's. We dont mind all having a price hunt :)...

But on saying that it would be nice if we could go in and edit our OP. Then we could save the Mods a lot of work. I know i post them from time to time a notice a few errors and bits that i would like to ammend!

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Indeed I wish i had more ability to edit what I originally entered

That's what we're here for Well, part of it ;-) Don't worry about it.

Always a good idea to have a good search before posting though :-D


The trouble is that no one ever reads sticky's.....

http://img529.imageshack.us/img529/8270/new05flashingoq6.gif Perhaps something flashing would help ?? :roll:

As Ray says, we are here to help

Well, a sticky on the "Post a New Deal" page was suggested, but it might be a better idea to have a page before you can actually post a deal that you have to click through. For people that have never posted before they will most likely read it. And if it gets updated, we can have a bit of text at the top saying something along the lines of:
"UPDATE 04/11/06 - Short Description of Update, see the bottom of the page"

[COLOR=Black]And then of course the update at the bottom, that way people who have already read about how to post a deal previously will know there is something new to read, rather than scrolling down to the bottom and simply clicking continue or next or whatever it may be.

There are so many things that could be done to enhance it for everyone.
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