The white space, particularly after a long post is incredibly frustrating, but we've had two updates and it still hasn't been fixed.

Plus, when reading through comments I'll regularly get random refreshes that take me back to the post header.

It's best to just go back to the mobile site at this point.

I am having similar issues with this and I'm on an Xperia Z5 Premium device. Also whenever I launch a link from within a HUKD WhatsApp message, it frequently doesn't open the deal - just the app.

Another issue is when I get a comment activity notification, if I click it the app doesn't go to the comment. Instead I have to scroll-hunt through the he comment section to find it.

Overall the app is good but it's far from perfect.

same problem as you

Yes same problems what's the poor of these updates if nothing is getting fixed the major annoying one for me is the scrolling I do get the others i didn't click in they were bugs until I read this please mods if u can fix these issues instead of trying make any new updates to make it different when these are fixed u can try and make new bugs I recon those who do this keep bugs in system to keep there jobs going for longer ior is that not a good thing to say not sure if they are actually paid or work for free.

I get random notifications popping up about deals all of a sudden. I haven't subscribed to any threads or specific users. I don't receive emails.. Just these messages popping up. Very annoying. Does anyone know how to stop this? Looked in every part of the settings but no success so far! Thank you

Same problem with the white space. Surprised this hasn't been fixed yet with multiple updates since it appeared!

The latest update to the APP says that it fixes the whitespace problem.

It doesn't.

Agreed, regarding the white space. Thought it was issue with my phone first.

Along with not being about to add the heat styled emojis.

Please fix.
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