Hmmm odd. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has experienced this? I'm not sure what would do that but would like to figure it out!

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Have you tried it with one or the other of the feeds only, to see if that makes any difference? I don't know much about this RSS lark, but that might help narrow down the problem.

I"m just testing this here by adding multiple feeds to my news reader (netnewswire lite) and it seems to update the HUKD feeds and all other feeds ok. I've got the hot, the all and the personalised one all going.

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Thanks for the prompt responses, guys; I really didn't expect replies that fast!

Have tried adding one feed at a time (tried both of them singularly) and it makes no difference; updates/refreshes stop happening. I'm befuddled to say the least.

Is there a limit on the HotUKDeals for the amount of time that a RSS refresh request can be made? Some sites don't allow more than one refresh per half hour from the same IP. My refresh to HotUKDeals is every 5 minutes; could this be too quick and therefore blocking something up with the program along the way?

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