i agree.

I assume this is just a massive ego trip. The site before didn't look old fashioned, didn't have a problem - it just works.

This is absolutely one of the most awful site designs I've ever seen. I put it right up there with the **** you find from users on geocities and the like.

what the hell were you thinking?

pleeeeeeeaaaassseee bring back the old site - or tweak the old site if you must change things. but please dont leave us with this god awful site :oops:

I suppose anything new takes time to get used to, but have to agree my first thoughts are urrrggghhh!!

as a web designer I find this site quite difficult to navigate. Also it is difficult to just browse deals there seems to be non deal posts from the forums too. As this seems to be a template any chance we can have both templates to choose from. I had a look at the customization options but that was not very clear neither. Otherwise the site is probably the best hot deals site on the net and mainly due to the previous layout. It wasn't broken or dated.

Just had a look at google's cache of previous layout and yes it was better

Where's " hukd " gone ?
Someone has replaced it with this rubbish .

please bring the old site back it was so much better this one all those little links up the top are so old fashioned and boring

If it ain't broke don't fix it !

Gawds, change for the sake of change.

Remember the old adage : "If it ain't broke ..."

This mess doesn't even work correctly with Firefox!

Is is April 1st. I am gutted.

i cant make head or tail of this, defo bring the old one back


Gawds, change for the sake of change.Remember the old adage : "If it … Gawds, change for the sake of change.Remember the old adage : "If it ain't broke ..."This mess doesn't even work correctly with Firefox!

Hows firefox 2? Firefox 3 (Which is normally perfect for 99.9% of websites) hates the thing. Who coded this piece of rubbish! Errors EVERYWHERE. MY EYES ARE BURNING.

Got to agree on this one, I used to work in web design a while back and think I would have been fired if I produced this, sorry!

This new layout is awful!!

i liked the old site, however RSS feeds are a real bonus,.
Admin can we not choose how we view????

You have a list of the hotest deals and easy access to the forums. Now I can find the forums, well not in the up to date easy to navigate way it was. Now were back in the days of oh my god the internet thing is so new and I can't find anything.

I only use Firefox and the display is unreadable.......bye bye HUKD for me I think

Please ,please bring the old site back,this is horrible,I don't like it!!!

Goes to the first page of any thread.

For gods sake, I want to pick FIRST or LAST or whatever, no option for it!?!

Please change it back, this is terrible. It doesn't even work properly in Firefox!

I can't stay on the site any longer, its so confusing its done my head in.

I'll check back later in hope that the members have been listened to and the site is at least navigable.

Can't find anything I need to now - the old site was so much simpler!

Sorry I have to use the link above but I keep getting an error message when trying to post an image.
I can't start any new thread myself as it won't let me. I wanted to start a boycott thread. If this site isn't back to normal by midday then vote with our feet. I get the feeling Admin is just using us as Beta testers.

What the HELL!!!! :w00t:

The site doesn't seem to display on my pc corectly (Windows and IE), and I also get error boxes poping up, and is seems soooooo Sloooow.


How bizzare and it dont work to well with firefox.:x

i too would like to vote for the old site to return... i can hardly read the text! what a massive balls-up

I get the feeling no-one tested this in anything other than Internet Explorer, the main page looks bad in firefox, and the comments pages are very badly broken with text overlapping, graphics misplaced and this text entry box is overlapping a menu that is itself overlapping page text... It's a disaster.

worked nightshift last night and thought i was having nightshift vision
whats going on with hukd!!!

Why change an easy to use, pleasing on the eye site to this ghastly eyesore.
Before this ridiculous change it was easy to view all the Hot Deals - click and you saw them all. Now they're spread all over the place.

Bring back the old site - this is cack!

Hate the changes,and where,s the unrated deals?:cry::cry::cry:

It's now rubbish, and as said before... doesn't work at all well using firefox


Not liking it. Need something more constructive than that? I can't find my way around it and I've given it a go but I gave up and went elsewhere, and I love this site so don't force me out please :-(

mmmm. lets fix whats not broken, sorry to be harsh but this sucks.

The mix of font sizes makes this very hard to navigate. I find myself leaning back for the large fonts & forward for the small. :x

Its seems VERY strange to me that you would take away the standard forum layout that everyone is used to, and that is used on mose other forums too.
Finding it very hard to navigate, i think that you will lose A LOT of site visitors if it stays like this!
Sorry, i know a lot of work has gone into this, but i think it needs a bit more.(or at least an option to go back to the standard forum view).

Oh my god my life is ruined! It took me half an hour to work out how to post a message!!! Why would you break with the usual forums that everyone has on their sites!?!?!? And the look actually looks more out of date than the original! I do not like this one bit! :x

I had difficulty in sorting so I can see which post was newest as I prefer to see things - up to date! I too vote to bring the old one back

here here:-(

[SIZE="3"]WTF has happened! I really cant get on with this new site! Please bring back the old one pls Management :whistling:[/SIZE]

got to agree with all the above:

it's insane to change the format from a well recognised and universal one to a ... i'm lost for words to describe this 'new' one. I honestly thought i'd hit typed in the wrong url and ended up with one of those sites with nothing but useless adverts.

I cannot understand what they were thinking?
Surely any changes could have been achieved with tweaking and modding the previous tried and tested format instead of going insane.

This change will only lose current visitors - and a new format will put only put of potential visitors. If there are so many of us wondering what's going on and know what the sites about, there are going to be hundreds more that give up on first viewing.

What were they thinking!?!?!?

Hate to agree...but I do not like this revised site.
I guess I probably dont understand it properly, so perhaps a new user guide on the index page could be a great idea.
But, I dont even think doing that will save this.
Sorry Never seen a redesign that I dont like as much as this before...by a long way
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