I use to like that feature also,you didn't have to open up the post to see if it was any good to you.
I still try it on this new one just incase they have bought it back.

Original Poster

yea im forever hovering still. then i realise it dont work, then i have to open the thread, then in the 1st line i see something like LAredoute and so im off again.

even if was told itr wont be coming back could at least then try to stop trying it lol

You could view in "full details" - I find flicking between text view and full details is sometimes handy.

After being asked many times, Admin has stated that this function may come back, but it's not a priority.

See the thread by MoneySavingG.

I keep hovering too - so many of the other forums have it you just get used to it.
Can we make it a priority ... pretty please
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