some deals are voted cold by idiots straight away, then when others see them they are put back up to a decent heat

-50 only takes around 6 members to get to this, so not worth it really.

I don't think there's any loss in letting a deal run either way in temp.


Even if a deal went cold under said, It could may well be cheapest around but not to everyone's liking there are a few examples on the forum.
you don't generally see the cold deals unless it is being posted on from what i have seen in the past.


I guess no-one would ever post a jedward album deal if that was the case


I quite like seeing how cold deals can get. removing or locking them would just encourage dupes.



like jedward after 6 hours its now -300

it'll never catch eoghan quigg

-3000 I think :w00t:

Some of the coldest deals ever are really quite hilarious (though not so much for the OP). And I've posted genuinely "decent" deals which a few have mysteriously voted cold, out of malice, or idly being contrary, or who knows why, and they've turned out super-hot.

So, keep it the way it is, I reckon is best.

You're not taking away my minus 1327 jedward deal!
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