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got it


[COLOR=#000080][COLOR=black]Hi karen and welcome to hukd's :-D Rayman, one of the moderators has written up a guide on posting deals ][COLOR=blue]in this thread here[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]

Here's the info on posting images, hope it helps! If you're still not sure on it, post in here and i'll try to help you


[COLOR=#000080]Link to Image File [if there is one]: example: [/COLOR]

]]][COLOR=darkred]http://www.hotukdeals.com/images/50offpc[/COLOR][COLOR=darkred].jpg[/COLOR][COLOR=#000080] This can be obtained by right clicking over an image and selecting either: Properties in Internet Explorer or Image Location in Firefox, then highlighting/copying the complete image URL/address/location and pasting it into the field, as above example. [image files will usually end in either [/COLOR][COLOR=darkred].gif[/COLOR][COLOR=#000080] or [/COLOR][COLOR=darkred].jpg[/COLOR][COLOR=#000080] or [/COLOR][COLOR=darkred].jpeg[/COLOR][COLOR=#000080] or [/COLOR][COLOR=darkred].bmp[/COLOR][COLOR=#000080] or [/COLOR][COLOR=darkred].png[/COLOR][COLOR=#000080] or [/COLOR][COLOR=darkred].tiff[/COLOR][COLOR=#000080] or [/COLOR][COLOR=darkred].tif[/COLOR][COLOR=#000080]][/COLOR]



lol! Sorry Karen, was posting at the same time as you ... glad you got it sorted :thumbsup:
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