If you've posted in a thread this symbol will be at the side of the thread title


The little arrow in the flame indicates that you have posted in that thread

However I haven't really looked for it yet but it wasn't totally accurate yesterday

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I'm not getting that on the new-look forum, just the red and blue arrows to rate.

Try "text only" view Amywamy.



Try "text only" view Amywamy.

it seesm you are extremely happy that we now only have one click to jump between forums, but now have to click to continually change between class and text for different forums, im sure ths must make sense to some, i just cannot see it

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I don't get it. Are they blue if I've posted in them? It's not giving me the symbol even in Text Only.

It was working yesterday Just having a bug right now that will be sorted today.

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Click to enlarge. I've posted in half those threads, but none of them look any different. I really want to get my head around this all, but I don't understand.

This is a bug Amywamy so not your fault at all When it is working the icons will have a little arrow in them and that will show you posted in them. If you have posted and there is a new reply they will have arrows plus be dark red.

The bug fix has been made but will only roll out later tonight when today's changes are released so please hang in there If it doesn't make sense tomorrow you can come beat me!

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All working now. Cheers. :thumbsup:

So is this also in the non text only view? Because I don't see anything here....hmm...
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