you click on fs tab not feedback, in the fs tab you will see all threads posted by you and all threads posted in by you, you will see the leave feedback on each thread

ooops misread your post, probably another bug then

It's another bug, I reported this to the mods last week and still not working properly.

Curiously, I can open the "leave feedback" tab for threads where I didn't actually complete a deal, but not for the ones where I actually bought something. It would be nice if it was fixed, it's been bugging me for days now.....

Yep me to.. need to leave feedback for 2 sales, obviously the downside to this is that i now cant expire the thread until i do or ill forget lol. I can leave feedback as a buyer, but not to people who have purchased from me.

Needs to be addressed very quickly in my eyes !

Me too, ive got 2 sales i need to leave feedback for, surely this should be sorted quickly because everyones going to forget who needs to be given feedback.

Me too I have 3 sales I can not give feedbeck on, but strangely they could give me feedback! I tried it under linux/win7 and with different browsers. What I am doing wrong?

Woking now as of this morning :-D

Thanks will try now x



HOW do I leave feedback? I see no option anywhere?

i have been left with a negative feedback and this is totally untrue the seller is lying please can someone advise me wat must i do?



right..confusedHOW do I leave feedback? I see no option anywhere?

right I worked it out...I cant leave feedback as I dont have the FS/FT tab like I should

quality site ROFL
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