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leave feedback (under the thread title)

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cant find the thread or by searching under username!

noi cant find mine either ivbe been trying to leave feedback too.

now it wont let me edit my crap typing in previous post either.


is it for a member that has already received feedback by a few for same thread? or maybe expired hence why you cant see it in your profile although i thought this had been sorted now

Can a seller leave feedback for the person who bought the items sold?

re King of gadgets. so impressed with the service I received that I wanted to leave feedback

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Its for something a bought Alan Wake

Same problem,i can view the feedback of my seller and look at the thread i brought the item from in there profile but i dont seem to have any option to leave feedback(just an option to reply in the org thread)id like to leave feedback for the seller because it seems to me that its the lifeblood of the forsale/trade section,maybe its a bug or maybe im overlooking something so it would be nice if someone could take a quick look and let us know either way



Can you go to our own profile, select the fs/ft tab and then review the list of threads you've created. You can leave feedback there for your own threads, or if you want to leave feedback for the OP of a thread you've responded to, this should be in the lower half of the screen.

There's not need to go to any other profiles, all the links you require should be in your own profile.

If still having issues, please so give me a shout.

Thanks for the reply aScottishBloke got it sorted and have left feedback seems that my blocking of the google analytics script for this site was causing some problems on my end (all worked ok after i allowed it to run on my side)


Thanks for the info Mojojojo, appreciated.
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