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Thank you for the reminder, glangwen.

I intended to seek a review of the following thread, due to the damage anybody could do to their bodies if taking this substance:

"Driven Sports, lean Xtreme £24.95 from amazon"

(Please note the warning upon the product label on the bottle within the images on the product page)

Yes, I know you have to trust that those reading the site, "clicking-thru" via the [GET DEAL] link, & buying the products do their own research, but all it takes is for one person to become seriously ill due to an over-suppression of Cortisol, & I am sure somebody connected with that person will be back at this site asking for answers as to why the product was "advertised".

I am aware of Admin's previous comment:

[ hotukdeals.com/fee…304 ]

I am also aware that the products listed in other "Deals" can also potentially have damaging effects if taken in extreme quantities or within close proximity to each other...

For example:

* alcohol
* tobacco
* food


As I said, I appreciate the situation may be perceived the same as, for example, that which was discussed in this previous "Feedback" thread (&, perhaps, my reluctance to accept the serious point that was trying to be made at that time):

"Junk Food and Sweets Deals" (MadeInBeats; posted 3 years, 5 months ago)

No point me trying to advertise these superman shaped "vitamins" on here then?
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