you vote by clicking on the temperate bar at the bottom of each deal post

you dont get to see whos voted hot or cold on the deal, just what temperature its at

you can leave individual reputation for people by clicking on the white scales underneath their details/avatar ect


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Hi Lou. Thanks For Getting Back To Me.. Do You Mean The Little Flame, Icey Thing And Exclamation Mark?

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Hi Lou.. Its Ok I Understand Now.. I Dont Understand Though How Some People Say... I Cnat Understand Why This Has Been Voted Cold?/ How Do They Know????

It shows the score next to where you vote for the deals... I think you're actually looking at the "reputation".

I think you need to read through this thread, especially the first post, paying particular attention to the section about "The Temperature Gauge":


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Cool. Just Read It. Totally Clued Up Now. Thank You Guys Xxxxxx

I must say i still think if people vote cold they should be made to put a reason
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