Hi lad, welcome to the forums. It's a bit of a compliated issue.

Some companies issue codes for general use, available for everyone.

However, some are aimed only at certain people, and if the site notices a million people using it, they are liable to cancel orders.

In some cases, you can be charged the full price, in the case of the lxdirect and littlewoods codes in the voucher section - these seem to carry a little bit of risk.

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Hi emmajk42,

Thanks for the quick reply! Do you know whether you are given a chance by the company to cancel your order if its not for general use? I've noticed a promo code that works but if they turn around and charge me full price without my consent what can I do?


Usually they will notify you if they have decided to charge the full price (barring Littlewoods / LXDirect).

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Thanks, edi. I didn't want any hassle if I was using a code that I didn't know I wasn't to use :thumbsup:

Which one were you going to use?

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It was a Curry's spend over £299 code. Just placed the order so hope it'll go through :thinking:

Its a sort of general code and no reported issues so far.

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Thanks for letting me know. Just noticed that it was your post that I saw the code, edi. Thanks for the code and good timing too as I was thinking of getting it at PC World :thumbsup:

As an aside, you mentioned quidco as well, which I also signed up to tonight. Would you know how they link my purchase from Currys to my quidco account?

You have to visit Currys site from your Quidco account. Your Quidco to Currys journey is tracked via cookies and Currys will pay 3% of your purchase value to Quidco which in turn is passed on to you.

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Brilliant, thanks for your help!
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