One day later and the site is working much better than yesterday.

Next week we will be wondering what all the fuss was about.

Thanks to all those who are working on the site.


I see, so you have set things up to look as it was before. Why is that is the new site not to your liking either?
It might as well have remained as it was before then if the answer is to make it look like the old and better site.
So far the overwhelming majority hate this new look. Time to accept people do not like it.
We did not need lessons in how to work the old site. That says something.

Yes, visitors to a website should never need to read a manual to understand how to navigate the site. Usability nightmare.

Oh, lord, I just looked through the customisation options and can't make head nor tail of them myself.

Will there be a FAQ or instruction manual published for using this new website?

Its really confusing and now even more so as I can't find MikeT's options!

However all things change and I'm sure we'll get used to it though if there's an option somewhere to go back to the old style SOMEONE please PM it !!!

The only issue I had with the old site was the colour...

how can i view deals in a chronological order.

when viewing the deals link it for some reasons shows a post posted 30 seconds ago the one after that is 23mins ago and the one after that is 14mins ago, the one after that is 1 day ago!!! what the hell is going on!

all i want to see is the latest post in an order (when i view HUKD at night) so i can catch up on what has been posted during the day whilst iv not been able to access.

(iv tried using the custom settings tab and selected the new radio button (thinking it would organise it chronologically - but guess what it hasnt!)

H E L P !!!!!

To the HUKD administrators
Iv was quite used to the old version, and i dont mind chaning to the new view - its just that its all been changed too much too quickly and now everyone is having difficulty 'adjusting'! in future change a little by little then it wont be such a shock!

keep up the good work!

Thanks Mike, just customised and it is an improvement on what i was seeing before.

O dear whats happened :oops:

I'm far from "noob" to the net but i can't find forums etc like the old page at all :thinking:

Hi cammeyz, if you want the forum style then click the Discussed tab, choose View Option text only, and then use the forum index in the grey header to navigate between forums.
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