17) Continuous 'bumping' of threads to promote your sale without good reason, will result in closed threads and infractions. Please edit your last reply in the thread rather than 'bump' with a new one, this includes bumping by proxy and to a maximum of THREE BUMPS in total

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thankyou, didnt expect a helpful answer so quickly!
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what are bumps?



what are bumps?

every time you post in a thread it bumps the thread back to the top of the page, in the fs oards you are allowed to bump a thread 3 times, as in when you just want it to be back at the top of the page

Some clarification in this thread

You're allowed 3 bumps but need to be wary of bumping by proxy


Rules which you can find at the top of every page in every thread in the For Sale/Trade forum:

]FS/FT Rules

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