Excellent post Ray - A very clear "How To"

Nice work Ray! :thumbsup:

Wow!! Thanks Rayman!! That will hgopefully help a lot of people.

nice ray... thanks

Sad, I cant vote on this Ray ...

Very much appreciated


Brilliant post ray, thanks for taking the time to do this, it should help a lot of people! http://www.cheatsws.com/hukd/79.gif

Great post. Very helpful :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Just one question, for some reason I thought this site was called HDUK. HotDealsUK. Am I right or am I loosing it ? :roll:

You're losing it - it's hotukdeals - look at your address bar!

But admin has rights to lots of other similar domain names which get you here when you go to them.

I've been Googling and I'm now convinced it [COLOR=red]was[/COLOR] HDUK.

When I welcome new posters to the boards I've been saying 'Welcome to HDUK', how come nobody said 'Shut up you fool, it's HUKD' :lol:
I'll be back with proof. :thumbsup:

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Hehe it's never been HDUK it's always been HUKD HotUKDeals

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[SIZE=2]Don't accept any imitations [/SIZE]

Thanks Ray,
I just went back to one of your first posts and you welcomed somebody by saying HUKD.

Ooooops, got to go, the men in white coats are waiting for me. They have a new jacket for me, :-D :-D Hehehehehe, it's a straight jacket.

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It's surprising how many people mix up the abbreviated version But if they still arrive here, then it doesn't hurt too much does it [strait jackets at the ready, mine's on all the time... Hehe]



Brilliant post ray, thanks for taking the time to do this, it should help … Brilliant post ray, thanks for taking the time to do this, it should help a lot of people!

Tee, hee, hee, - count me in - thanks Rayman-------I really, really needed this---honestly...as U R aware. Good post!

Excellent idiot guide ray.:thumbsup:
That'll be me then.I'll get me coat.:roll:

We've heard it all before, hukd, hduk, hukd, dealsuk.....;)

How do I add links in the main body of the deal without it reading like an alogrithm ?

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It's best not to add any links in the main description/body of the post. If the item[s] you want to add have a catalogue/item/product number or code, it's better to include that.

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Or of course the name of the product, so an easy search can be made

Wow! Great computer at a great price!

Any idea how long delivery takes?

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Wow! Great computer at a great price!Any idea how long delivery takes?

Hehe I wondered how long it would take for someone to mention that bogus deal ;-)

Only just found this - Nice post!

Thanx ray,needed someone to tell me how to put in pictures of deals:thumbsup:

such thread.

Is it possible to save or flag or store that thread soemwhere if I want to look at it when I need it?

greg :thinking:

You could just add the link into your browser favourites.

Welcome to the forums profeta.

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Welcome to HotUKDeals from me too profeta

You could also copy and paste the instructions into a draft e-mail. If you use Outlook, it should keep the images visible too.


Rayman Etc. Can You Tell Me

1. Where Are We Supposed To Post These Deals? Here Or Hotukdeals Main Page?
2. Isn't Sanyo Brand A Cutback Brand?

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On the front page there's a Submit Deal button up on the top right of the page. You can use that one or the New Topic top left in each forum.

Are you talking about your entries to the deal hunt though hilaaluk? That should be in the deal hunt thread.

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Sanyo have been around a long time. Drawing a line between brands is difficult, but we've decided Sanyo is acceptable.


yes I am talking about deal hunt


is sanyo really a brand on par with the likes of olympus, sony, hp, canon
I dont think so. maybe hduk should have made it clear with the complete list of brand they expect.


how do you make a deal appear in the " hot deals " sections

thank you

That's where all deals are.... If you mean on the front page, it will get there when the members vote it up to a certain temperature.

hello again

sorry im new :$

how do the ratings work like 36.4 degrees:s

All registered members have the option to vote on every deal posted, either cold, warm or hot. This leads to the temperature you see.

Each member has different voting powers, depending on how long they've been here and things like that. My hot vote as a mod is worth 30 degrees for example. Some member's hot votes are worth 9... etc.

Have only just discovered the voting system. There is no info on this for newbies - then again it is very straightforward.

What about the reputation thing. How does that work ?

Am getting jealous of members ID pictures, how can I get one myself. Not a HDUK question I know but you guys do appear to know everything

I can't figure out how to put an image on my earlier listing, I've followed the info in Emma's sig link, but the image link doesn't work for me, any bright ideas folks??
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