pm any of the mods mate

[SIZE=2]Yeah.. better PM Admin or any Mod with all the details.[/SIZE]

This happens all the time. I doubt someone will get banned for saying they'll buy something and then changing their minds.

I've had people do this quite often, they are just timewasters.........nothing more. I just remember not to sell to them in future.

No-ones lost any money so no real harm done. Much worse happens on the For Sale boards.

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I have done to no response unfortunately.

Drop a comment in the sales thread (dino style) "hey, you've still not paid me for this, what's going on (link to original thread)" it's not spoiling the sales thread and is likely to get a response- probably a public one on the thread. It works both ways, i've agreed a sale with a seller who never bothered to get back to me- perhaps he/she got a better offer elsewhere.
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