There is no feature for that at the minute.

EDIT - if you are looking for a specific word or something, I'd suggest using CTRL+F on keyboard?

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Ah. Thats a pity as its a pain going through the 20 odd page deals looking for info Does anyone know if you can use google et al. to do this? I tried searching google with the 'site:' search but it only searches the exact page you give it not the whole tree/thread.

How does one start a new topic ???
Can't find the old forum new topic button ?


How does one start a new topic ???Can't find the old forum new topic … How does one start a new topic ???Can't find the old forum new topic button ?

submit button. big red one near top of page

Advanced search, then 'search entire post' in drop down box under 'search for keyword' - would that work ?

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Not really as it still only lists the deal that the search word(s) is/are in. I want the actual reply to be listed.

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On another isue, no matter how I search for the word "search" (search; +search; advanced searc etc.) I cannot get this post. What's that about??

Some words in common usage are excluded from the search, for performance reasons. =For example, the, then, some, etc. I don't have the full list here, but I'd say that is one of them.

EDIT - actually, I could be wrong, as if I do an advanced search for the word "search", titles only, in feedback only, this thread doesn't seem to come up, but others do... gremlins?

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haha... they keep you on your toes I suppose
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