There's no app in the sense of an installable one. There is the mobile version m.hotukdeals.com

yeah, do the above then bookmark it and add it as a button. Works quite well. Then, get RSS feeds set up to push 'misprice' to your inbox and all new deals as feeds... never miss a deal again :thumbsup:

the porter;5580453


new iphone?......:thumbsup:


new iphone?......:thumbsup:

I'd say since it has a compass and no scratches lol

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Thanks guys! thats an awesome idea about the feeds lol! nice one, cheers!!!!! :thumbsup:


gary_rip wrote one a while backhttp://hukd.garyrip.com/mobile/

Thanks for posting this barneydog... i know i made that site but i do use it EVERY day... especially when going into shops and i use the Top 5 Hot List when i dont have time to fully look at HUKD.
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