Are you having problems since upgrading in IE8, If I open comments up in new tab to read after searching I get 1st few then the rest just sit there like waiting for the download to follow. I've only done my laptop to ie8 and leaving the rest Not happy with it.


Hukd kept having compatibility issues on my netbook running IE8, swithced it back and it's fine. I have IE7 on the pc/netbook/lappy no problems.
I would saye IE8 is the issue, it's a mare.

its because IE8 doesnt use the "correct" code (as directed by the w3c)

hukd will need to rewrite some code to enable IE8 to show the image ....

everyone SHOULD switch to firefox .... 100% better than IE

Internet Explorer has difficulty seeing favicons.

same I never know if someone is online now.
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