I had no idea they got paid, is it only if you make a purchase?

We don't get paid when people click through to a deal or misc or anywhere.

We do have links to some merchants which we get paid if people end up buying something. That's how the site makes money. This obviously has nothing to do with Misc and is only on products.

Not complaining mind have had loads of great deals from this site, and would never have even heard of Quidco but for HUKD s

OOOhhhhhhh - I've never seen an Admin Avator before - may I bow down in submission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of reps to the site BTW

As this is in feedback now, we've removed off topic posts. Thanks.


Admin what about bargain spy stealing our deals off here word for word?

Also if someone reserves a product through a click through do you take a percentage if they go and pay for that product. Like with the recent guitar hero guitar that everyone had to pick up in store.
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