Search Itunes for iHotUKdeals, its free

There are a couple that charge but there no better than the free one

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Sweet, thanks RiPPeR.

My only bugbear is the pics are too big when on iPhone and you cant shrink. Would be good to have some scaling algorithm in there.

Just use the full site in safari.

The mobile apps/site sucks.

+1 all the apps and mobile site are rubbish, cant do much with them to me honest.

All you need is a scaled down version on the site with quick access to profile, messages and deals, with a easy to use interface. HTML5 maybe.


Just use the full site in safari.The mobile apps/site sucks.

I wish there was an iPad version, hate upscaling the iPhone app all the time!

I wish there was a MacBook version oO
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I wish there was a vtech version

I use the full version of the site on my iPhone & iPad. Much better as by the time some things appear on the App they are gone.


though the full site sucks also!



Stolen cat reported! ^^^^^^^^^^^^

I don't mind the iPhone/Mobile site. Don't sure what extra an actual app would offer?

Mobile version is **** and the full site isn't that great on a mobile due to the small buttons. A decent iPhone app would be much better, unfortunately the ones on the app store atm are as bad as the mobile version. I'd make one if I had a mac!
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